Coyote Station

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Coyote Station has 18 groundwater monitoring wells, 17 of which have been polluted above federal advisory levels based on samples collected between March 29, 2010 and October 08, 2012. Groundwater at this site contains unsafe levels of sulfate, manganese, boron, nitrate, selenium, arsenic and lead.

Site description

Coyote Station maintains one active landfill and two ponds. There are also two closed landfills at the site. The North Dakota Department of Health (NDDH) ordered one of the ponds to be lined in the early 1980s to control seepage. The NDDH has expressed concern that baseline values for pollutant levels were affected by historic seepage and therefore current monitoring cannot adequately detect contamination. In response to an Environmental Protection Agency request for data in 2010, Otter Tail admitted that discharges from its facility contaminated groundwater in excess of federal standards for arsenic, manganese and sulfate.

Monitoring Wells Wells reporting one or more exceedances for at least one pollutant.
17 / 18
Wells not shown Locations for the following wells are unavailable:

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No exceedances
One or more exeedances
No data available
Other designation
Well "halo" size corresponds to mean concentration. Please note that some wells may not be visible on the map due to overlapping locations.
Pollutants monitored and above guidelines
Tip: Click on a contaminant to view wells that have recorded exceedances. Click again to remove the filter. arsenic boron lead manganese nitrate selenium sulfate
Pollutants monitored and below guidelines
barium cadmium chromium fluoride mercury molybdenum silver
Pollutants not monitored
ammonia, antimony, beryllium, cobalt, copper, cyanide, gross alpha particle, gross beta particle, hexavalent chromium, lithium, nickel, nitrite, radium, strontium, thallium, tritium, uranium

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